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BigRock is the number one destination for websites. May it be getting a domain name, web hosting, DIY etc. you can contact them for it. They have over 6 million customers who have done business with them and trust their website for Domain Registration, Web Hosting and more. bigrock offer our clients with transparency in their services along with cost effective rates with no additional hidden costs.

Services Offered by

BigRock offers Domain Name Registrations, SSL Certificates, Web Hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, Domain Transfers, DIY and BIFM Packages.  offer discount coupons for web hosting and domains and also offers coupon for VPS  as well as Bigrock reseller hosting so that you can have all the benefits at cost effective rates.

We provide discounts on the below mentioned services:

  • Register Domain names

BigRock is a domain name registrar that is the best if you want to register your domain. With BigRock you can customize your identity, secure your brand and establish your internet presence with great convenience.  offers you with huge bigrock 99 discount codes and coupons so that you can register your domain at best rates as compared to others. Get your domain name now.

IN Domain Registration

  • Bigrock Transfer Domain Names

Transferring your Domain name to BigRock now simple and cost effective with BigRock Coupons. You can transfer multiple domains in just one simple step on BigRock. More over, all transfer are risk free and seamless with BigRock. You just need to put in the specific bigrock coupon codes for .com domain and you can avail of huge discounts on the go.

Bigrock Domain Transfer

  • Bigrock Digital Certificates

A digital certificate is basically an electronic “passport” that permits a person or an organization to exchange information securely on the Internet by means of the public key infrastructure (PKI).BigRock offers you with 100% security through digital certificates. They also help you increase your customer’s confidence in your business by guaranteeing them their personal data is well protected and secured. We give you the access to apply bigrok coupon codes and get digital certificate at affordable rates.

bigrock SSL Digital Certificate

  • Bigrock Email Hosting

An email hosting service is actually an Internet hosting service that controls email servers.Email hosting services generally offer premium email at a price as opposed to free webmail or advertisement-supported free email.BigRock ensures you enhanced mobility and access and you need to pay for what you need with no hidden cost.BigRock Coupons give you the opportunity to get email hosting at the lowest possible price with BigRock email hosting coupon. Enjoy BigRock services now at a very low cost.

bigrock Email Hosting Services (1)

  • Bigrock Website Builder

Website builders are the tools that permit the building of websites without manual code editing. They fall into two classes:

  • Online proprietary tools that are provided by web hosting companies. These are actually made for users to build their own private site.
  • Software which basically runs on a computer, producing pages offline & which can then circulate these pages on any host.

BigRock lets you build your website in minutes even though you don’t have any technical knowledge. You just need to select your design, customize your website and publish online in just minutes. BigRock gives you the access to try their free demo as well. Build your website by yourself in minutes with Do-It-Yourself tools and at affordable rates by BigRock DIY coupons. Now you can enjoy huge discounts byBigRock discount coupon that are only on available on !!

bigrock DIY Website Builder

  • Bigrock Web Hosting

Web hosting is a provision that offers Web users with online systems for storing info, video, images or any other content easy to get via the web. Web hosts are businesses that arranges for space on a server they own for usage by their clients.BigRock provides you with high class quality web hosting services. They offer good quality web hosting with a mixture of reliability and trustworthiness that most web hosting companies don’t really offer. We here at bigrock coupons for hosting have upto 75% discounts for you. To avail this offer you just need to use BigRock hosting coupons or rather BigRock hosting coupon code and get discounts instantly.

BigRock Linux Web Hosting

  • Bigrock Reseller hosting

Reseller hosting is a method of web hosting in which the account owner has the capability to use his or her allocated hard drive space and bandwidth to host websites on behalf of the third parties.BigRock helps you connect cPanel/WHM to kickstart your Reseller business and effectively manage your customers. You can even simplify billing, customer management and provisioning with WHMCS and cPanel/WHM. Enjoy huge discounts with BigRock reseller coupons and get an access to rates that are much cheaper.

Bigrock Reseller Web Hosting

  • Bigrock Linux Hosting

Linux and Windows are two operating systems that differ from each other. Linux is more efficient and secure than Windows. Linux also has many more of the features web designers think, so except you have websites which need precise Windows applications, Linux is the favoured choice.BigRock providesfully featured Linux plans with Cpanel, PHP,Perl and much more along with unlimited Domains, Bandwidth,Disk Space and Email Addresses. Get amazing discounts and get the benefits of low cost Linux hosting with BigRock Coupons.

BigRock Linux Web Hosting

  • bigrock WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a free and open-source blogging tool as well as a content management system (CMS) based on MySQL andPHP. WordPress is very popular blogging system to be used on the Web. There are many web hosts out there and majority of them meet theWordPress minimum requirements and choosing the best from the crowd can be a chore. Just like flowers need the most appropriate environment to grow, WordPress works appropriately when it’s in a rich hosting atmosphere. BigRock is one of the best WordPress Hosting providers providing you with unlimited domains, disk space and email. They also offer you just 1 click WordPress installation along withcPanel (demo) platform. BigRock Coupons offers you with great discounts on various plans that are offered by BigRock. Get WordPress hosting with our bigrock hosting coupon and get your WordPress blog online now.

Bigrock WordPress Hosting

  • Bigrock Joomla Hosting

Joomla is an open-source andfree content management system (CMS) for publishing certain web content.Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which allows you to build Web sites as well as powerful online applications.BigRockoffers you with 1 click Drupal/Joomla Installation with cPanel (demo) platform. Joomla can be now done at rates that are very low as compared to others. Get discount coupon codes of BigRock only by BigRock Coupon Codes.

bigrock CMS Hosting

  • Bigrock VPS Hosting

A virtual private server (VPS) is actually a virtual machine sold as a service by BigRock. You canget Fully Managed VPS along with advanced storage and enterprise level storage from BigRock. Now you canstart focussing on your business. Every best thing comes along with a price which you have to pay to get the best but with BigRock Coupons you can reduce your cost and pay less and yet get the best. Get BigRock VPS coupons only by us now.

bigrock VPS Hosting

  • Bigrock Dedicated Servers

Keep your sites running with great performance with Dedicated Server Hosting from BigRock. Get unlimited storage expansion only with our Storage on the Cloud with efficient and powerful super micro Blade servers along with instant provisioning. Turbocharge your app now. Are you feeling that the costs of BigRock are too high? No worries when BigRock Coupons is here, we provide you with BigRock Dedicated Servers coupon through which you can get discount by just applying the appropriate discount coupon code.

bigrock Dedicated Servers

  • Bigrock Security

With BigRock you can protect your website from malware attack,bots and much more. WithDigicerts& SSL you can get https security on your website, with SiteLock you can protect your website from viruses and with CodeGuard you can get the backup engine every site requires. These services have certain costs but BigRock coupon is here to reduce this cost by giving you certain coupon codes which you can avail to get upto 50 % off.

  • Bigrock Digicerts & SSL

With BigRock you can get Digicerts and SSL. They have features like encrypting and authenticating your website’s identity. Get upto 256 bit encryption. They provide Digicerts and SSL that are Compatible with all major browsers. There are various plans if you want to do business with BigRock but now it is possible to do business with them at affordable rates. Apply discount codes from BigRock coupons and get the same services at much lower rates.

bigrock SSL Digital Certificate

  • Bigrock SiteLock

There are many viruses that get transmitted over the Internet, to make you safe from them BigRock bring to you SiteLock. You canprotect your site from attacks and bots with SiteLock’s Firewall. You can even bullet proof your site from CSRF attempts and XSS exploits and alsomechanically scan your website to prevent exposure to SQL Injection attacksBigRock coupons are here so that you can avail the services of BigRock at cheap rates. You can just apply the appropriate coupon code and reduce your payment bill.

bigrock SiteLock Firewall

  • bigrock CodeGuard

CodeGuard is an important feature offered to you by BigRock. Get Cloud Backup for your website with an easy setup in just one step. You can also restore website to whichever previous version.  Use BigRock coupons and codes to get discount and reduce to costs. Avail this offer now.

bigrock Codeguard

Aim Of BigRock Coupons

We here at BigRock Coupons aim to give you the best deals and discounts so that you can start your business with minimum cost. We are providing you with BigRock Reseller Coupon, BigRock DIY Coupon, BigRock Domain Coupon, BigRock Domain Coupons, BigRock VPS coupon and many more. We understand that your money is valuable and so we are getting you the best deals so that you can use the best services by BigRock at much cheaper rates.

bigrock 99.99 uptime guarantee and 30 days money back guarantee

BigRock provides services that are just phenomenal. They provide 99.99 uptime guarantees and if you are not happy with their services then they have an excellent option of 30 days money back guarantee.

How To Get Discount? with bigrock coupon

To get discount by BigRock coupons is very simple. Incase you want Use Bigrock Coupon and Save money on Domain Names and Web Hosting then you just need to select your BigRock domain then select your BigRock web hosting plan, then you can proceed with selecting your BigRock site lock security If required and lastly you can use the appropriate BigRock coupon code and enjoy much lower rates than the actual one. You can use this method for all the above services.

About bigrock Technical Customer Support

Technical support is the key factor of the hosting services. BigRock Technical support team is readily available 24×7 for you if you have any query or any issue in using our services or regarding the services we provide. You just need to tell us your query and we will help you get the solution as soon as possible because we care for our clients. Solving your problem within a limited time is our priority.

Freebies That Comes With Purchase of Domains From Bigrock

Bigrock is the ICANN accredited Registrar of Domains and it offers many advantages if you purchase domain from it. The freebies includes domain privacy, email accounts, etc. and all these comes at no extra charge which other domain registrars do not offer.

Bigrock Offers following freebies with domain purchases:

1. You get 2 FREE EMAIL ACCOUNTS (personalised as per your domain name) with every domain you purchase from Bigrock. The free email accounts comes with 100 MB space each, anti spam and virus protection.
2. You also get free privacy protection with every domain purchase. The offer is not valid on .uk, .us, .eu, .coop, .asia, .nz, .tel, .in & 3rd level .in as per the regulations.
3. You also get facility to redirect your emails as per your requirement.
4. You also get unlimited domain forwards in Bigrock.
5. You also get full DNS management with facility to manage DNS records, website location, email, sub domains, aliases, FTP and more.
6. You also get facility to lock your domain so as to prevent accidental domain transfer or deletion of domain names.
7. You also get dedicated 24/7 support.

The freebies that comes with domain purchase from Bigrock outweighs any other offers as given by its competitors. So, before you purchase domains from any other registrar then do compare the features with what Bigrock is offering.

Platform For Website Designers in Bigrock

Bigrock offers a Platform for the web site designers to list their offerings and get clients for themselves. The program is called Design Xchange Program. To list your services in Bigrock Platform, you will need to register at the Bigrock. The registration and listing is completely free and further all the earnings you earn from your listing is completely yours. Bigrock does not charge any fees for listing and registration and also they do not demand any commission from your earnings. On the other hand, you can earn further by referring your clients to the Bigrock Hosting and if the clients buys hosting and other products from Bigrock then you will get commission from it.

When you register for the Design Xchange Program, you will also get automatically registered for the Bigrock Affiliate Program. By using the Bigrock Affiliate Link, you can earn earn commission for every domain, hosting packages, etc purchased by your customers when they purchase through your affiliate links.

The listing is free in Bigrock Design Xchange program but to rank higher, you will need to do more business with Bigrock. The listings are ranked higher on the basis of the amount of business you generate for the Bigrock. Higher the business you generate for the Bigrock higher your listing will be.

BigRock Savitri Bai TV commercial – Really Funny!

BigRock Coupon & Billing FAQs

  • 1# Can you advise which Web hosting plan Sutable for My Website?
  • Without knowing about your Business website, and how many visitors Very day on your site it gets this is difficult to advise on. BigRock Provided 4 type of plan – Starter, Advanced, Business & Pro. You can Choose your Web Hosting Plan as per Your Website Bussines required so its Tollaly depend upon You and Your Busniess Website

  • 2# Can I pay hosting Payment monthly?
  • bigrock hosting offer Monthly base Payment options and others option also Like 12 monthly, 2 yearly,3 yearly, 4 yearly and 5 yearly billing cycles. If you want to get premium hosting at a fraction of the cost for as long as possible we recommend signing up for 1 years when using out upto 75% off coupon.

  • 3# Do BigRock offer a Free domain?
  • No. BigRock offered Discount Coupon with all hosting plans, however this includes only the most common domain extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .uk, .us, .biz or .info. Other domain extensions will be charged extra for.

  • 4# What types of payment can I use to pay BigRock ?
  • According to their website, BigRock accepts payments from you in the following different ways-
    Debit Cards / NetBanking
    Credit Cards (Visa/MasterCard/Amex/Discover)
    Other Offline Payment Options

  • 5# Does bigrock accept Paypal?
  • According to their website bigrock ccept Paypal.

  • 6# Is there a money back guarantee? If so how long?
  • bigrock offer a 30 day money back guarantee for their shared hosting plans. The guarantee only covers the cost of the shared hosting, and all addons \ third party services (including free domains) are specifically excluded. In addition, Cloud VPS and Dedicated plans are specifically excluded.
    In addition, the money back guarantee only applies to new accounts, not renewals.

  • 7# Will my price go up when my hosting plan renews?
  • Yes, the cost of hosting will go up once you renew as the bigrock do not offer any discount counpon on renew hosting plans
    We recommend signing up for 5 years to make the most of the initial discount.

  • 8#What is the premium support option offered by bigrock?
  • bigrock offer support 24/7 via telephone, ticket and online chat. They are renowned for their fast support, and our own experiences show that they usually respond to tickets within 5-10 minutes, although we have only ever used plans that come with their premium support as standard.